Travelling Kitchen offer a range of workshops or we can create bespoke sessions. All our workshops emphasise the importance of a healthy balanced diet in an engaging way.


We are always happy to work with community and other organisations to design workshops to meet their needs. As well as extensive experience of working with children, we also have experience of working with adults, families and delivering intergenerational workshops.


Travelling Kitchen workshops offer an excellent way for children to master basic cooking skills and introduce them to new ingredients and tastes whilst learning about the food of different cultures and eras. Some of the workshops we offer include:

Global Food Workshops - Travelling Kitchen Global Food workshops can be used to celebrate diversity and enhance learning of the food and culture of other communities. 

Historical Food Workshops - We lead workshops around curriculum topics and/or local history. Using authentic recipes, we offer workshops on the following historical periods but can also develop workshops on particular areas/periods of interest:

- Ancient Civilizations;Classical Greece, Ancient Rome and Egypt
- Medieval
- Tudor
- Victorian
- First World War/Second World War

Celebrating Festivals - From Eid to Easter, Chinese New Year to Diwali
we explore the importance of food in these festivals.