“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yet another amazing Travelling Kitchen experience! The children loved it and the parents all left with big smiles “ Reception teacher, St Barnabas CE VC Primary School

“Our session with Travelling Kitchen was fantastic. We wanted to learn about the different types of foods the Ancient Mayans would’ve cooked and eaten, and we were not disappointed. Both of the ladies were so informative – it was clear to see the amount of care, thought and effort that had gone into both the preparation and the day itself. Thank you Travelling Kitchen!” - Year 5 teacher, Iron Acton CE Primary School

"Activities were focussed and meaningful and appropriate for all abilities in the class including for some children with significant additional need. I was highly impressed by the range of skills taught to the children throughout the day."  Year 3 teacher, Fonthill Primary

"Travelling Kitchen brought a whole new dimension to Iron Age Day at Worlebury Hill Fort. Clare and Sarah seamlessly combined their knowledge of food and food preparation with their historical knowledge to give the children an authentic Iron Age experience. I thought the content was excellent, particularly so regarding the limitations caused by the site that was used. All the children had the opportunity to actively take part. I also liked the care and thought that had gone into preparing the resources."  English Heritage

"The saying goes, “you are never too old to learn” and I found this to be very true, learning a much safer way to prepare and cut up the vegetables needed for the dishes we were cooking. Sarah and Clare from Travelling Kitchen were very helpful, patient and understanding, having a group of such varied ages to teach." Participant in 'Meadows to Meaders' intergenerational cooking workshop

"Travelling Kitchen were highly professional, super organised and great fun to have in school. They provided everything for the workshop and the children were mesmerised by the food and equipment on display. Sarah and Clare have fantastic knowledge and worked beautifully with the children at an appropriate level. The food produced in the time was incredible and the children (and adults) loved the sharing meal at the end of the day. The children were so proud of their achievements… “I’m going to make my own breakfast everyday now that I’m a good chef!” Thank you so much for all your hard work – especially for tidying up so well! " Class 1 teacher, Iron Acton CEVC Primary School

"The Travelling Kitchen provided excellent cookery tuition to my class; not only were Sarah and Clare fantastic with the children but the class were taking about their experiences for ages afterwards! It added another dimension to the topic of 'How Humans Work' and made their learning far more realistic. The class all learned about making a healthy meal. A superb cross-curricular and education-enhancing day -thank you both so much." Year 4 teacher, St Michael on the Mount VC Church of England Primary School

“Working with Sarah was an absolute pleasure as she removed all of the stress that usually comes with teachers and cooking, where she provided our children with a well organised, valuable experience. Our topic was 'cooking from other cultures'. The end result was a feast of incredible foods for our children and their families. The smiles upon the children's faces and excitement throughout the day was just fantastic. Thank you, we can't wait to get you back!” St Barnabas Church of England, V.C. Primary School

"Our children had a great time, the workshop was very hands – on, which they really enjoyed. We also learned a lot about life for children during the war. Overall, the workshop was enjoyable and educational – in the best sense – learning by doing."  Oldbury-on-Severn Church of England, V.C. Primary School

"The Travelling Kitchen was a fantastic way of engaging our children with the similarities and differences of food now and in Victorian Times. The children loved the responsibility of the cooking workshops and the enthusiastic staff engaged with the children with their wonderful knowledge and expertise. Everyone was particularly impressed with the wonderful "banquet" where all the food the children cooked was laid out. This really demonstrated the differences between the food in steerage and first class. A wonderful, practical, special experience for the children." Blaise Primary and Nursery School 

What children and young people say about Travelling Kitchen:

Travelling Kitchen-6461.jpg

“I LOVED our cooking day! My favourite part was when we made the summer pudding and had to squash the bread into the bowl. I'm going to make it for my Mum. It's really easy actually."

" I enjoyed this day because it was something that helped us with cooking and especially with healthy food and it was especially nice.  The best bit was when my mum had some because she really enjoyed it too!  The hot cross buns were so nice and tasty and it was like heaven when I ate it.”  

“I’m glad that I have done this because it was a new experience, I learned how to make some new food.  The chilli sauce was a good experience to taste something new, it was a little spicy but I liked it!”  

“I learned some new skills for cutting and it really improved my cooking.  The food that we made was delicious!”