We've been researching buns recently and in particular Ha'penny and Tuppenny Starvers. These were traditionally given out by St Michael on the Mount Without Church to choristers of the church on the Tuesday after Easter. It was thought that it was a reward for a busy schedule of singing over Holy Week. In more recent times the buns were given to all parishioners. Sadly St Michael on the Mount Without Church no longer holds services but the tradition has been adopted by St Michael on the Mount school next door. After Easter Travelling Kitchen are going to be doing a whole school baking session making the Ha'penny Starvers. The buns are not dissimilar to the more commonly known Hot Cross Buns or Bristol speciality Colston Buns and contain lemon zest and dried fruits. Traditionally the Ha'penny Starvers were given to the choristers to eat immediately whilst the larger Tuppenny starvers were taken home to be shared with their families.

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